Monday, December 29, 2008

To Youth Convention

Today, we leave for Holiday Youth Convention in Tulsa at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center. I am one of four chaperones for our church youth. I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for these young people. Glory to God!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Even More Computer Ills

After three attempts to locate a repair man by driving or calling, I found John at Computer Services. He and his wife work together. He said 2-3 days. It's been more. Will we have our computer in time for Christmas? Oh yes! We can use Rivka's. But no, she doesn't have the internet. Urr... I guess I should be thankful that I have the opportunity to drive across town and use 60 minutes of the computer time at the library.

Monday, December 15, 2008

More Computer Ills Saga

Last night we were pelted with a little sleet and snow and the city has salted and sanded the streets liberally. I wonder if we will be douced with more precipitation soon. It's about eleven degrees here in B-ville and my little car chugged along to the local library this morning. I am here to blog, since our computer is still strapped into a seat in the back of my car. It's waiting to be taken to the local repair shop. So far the two places in town that I have attempted to take it to, are not able to fix it. Poor little thing. Sitting in my back seat with a virus and out in the cold.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Planning a Christmas Dinner Party

Teenage Couples Enjoying A Dinner Party
by Myron Davis at

I wrote this essay for Composition I class. If you are planning a dinner party for the holidays, have fun with it and I hope this essay is a blessing.

For some people, planning a formal or semi-formal dinner party can be a delight. But to many others it is a daunting task. If you plan the gathering in a timely manner, collect all necessary items needed and arrange them appropriately the process can be a breeze. You will need an apron, your guest list, place cards for each guest, a favor for each guest, a tablecloth, table runner, bouquet of fresh flowers, salt and pepper shakers, matches, two candle sticks and holders. For each place setting you will need to gather a eighteen inch linen dinner napkin, a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, bread plate, dessert plate, coffee cup and saucer, water glass, wine glass, dinner fork, salad fork, dessert fork, soupspoon, and small spoon. Now don't forget the Christmas music. Don an apron and we'll get started on this formal dinner party.
After you have chosen your guests, sent their invitations, planned the menu and made the place cards for each guest, it's time to arrange the tablecloth. The most common tablecloths for formal dinner parties are linen, because they are considered to be more refined. A linen tablecloth looks its best when it has been freshly starched and pressed. Other popular fabrics are sateen and brocade. They can be decorated with prints or floral designs and the fabric usually has sheen to it. If you are not pleased with your ironing skills, most dry cleaners will starch your tablecloth to perfection. As you arrange your tablecloth on your dining room table make sure that each side of your tablecloth hangs evenly with the other side. The middle seam of your tablecloth should go directly down the center of your table.
Decorations need to be added to your table. The table runner is usually laid vertically or horizontally on the table. A table runner is much like a swag and can add a touch of color or sparkle. Many table runners are made from brocade, silk, organza, or velvet. Some may be quilted, rustic in design or have tassels at each end. Grace the center of your table with the freshly cut flowers in a vase. Many people choose amaryllis or narcissus for Christmas' time. Evergreen boughs, holly and berries may also add a festive dimension, when arranged carefully in a low bouquet or made into a swag. When choosing flowers, be sure to choose flowers that will not stand too tall and obstruct the view across the table. If they are too tall they will annoy your guests as they are conversing. On each side of the flowers place your candles in their holders. These candles may be tapers, which are tall and slim. Or you may choose any other candle that adds the right style to your overall décor. Red, white, silver and gold are always in keeping with the season.
Arrange the flatware also called silverware, and dinnerware for each guest. Begin by placing a dinner plate centered at each Guest's space. On top, place the salad plate, and then the soup bowl. Lay the starched napkin on the left of the plate. The napkin's fold should be placed towards the plate and with the unfold corners at the lower left. On top of the napkin, place the dinner fork which is larger than the salad fork. Place the salad fork left of the dinner fork. On the right side of the plate, place the knife with the sharp edge facing the plate. This position for the knife is considered most safe, in case the knife were to be sharp. To the knife's right side, place the soupspoon and the small spoon on its right. Above the tip of the knife, place the wineglass and above the tip of the small spoon place the water glass. Directly above the plate, place the dessert fork horizontally with the prongs of the fork headed toward the left. Above the napkin set the bread plate. Reserve the dessert plates, coffee cups and saucers in your kitchen. If placed on the table for the meal, most likely these items will crowd your guest, while he or she is enjoying the dining experience. It is best to keep them off to the side on a buffet or in your kitchen until after dinner.For finishing touches to the table, add the place cards above each plate, so each guest may identify his or her place at your table. Place cards can be made of cardstock, colored paper or crisp white linen like paper. Gold or silver lettering will glisten in the light of the candles. This is also a perfect time to set out the favors for your guests. They are usually placed at the head of each place setting. You might consider a piece of fruit, a small sack of chocolate kisses or a candy cane. When choosing the favors, take into consideration your overall theme and what would delight each guest. You may choose something different for each. Also add the salt and pepper shakers. A set may be placed at each end of the table for convenience. Strike a match and light your candles. Remove your apron. It’s time for Christmas music. Turn on something like, Bing Crosby's, "White Christmas". Now you are ready for your guests to arrive, so greet them with a smile.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Computer Ills

If you have wondered why the lack of posts recently? This is the reason. Our prehistoric computer has bit the dust again. I think it my be on it's eighth life in cat years. Any blogging that I do must be done at college and on the lab computers, which are often in use by other students. Hope you are having a blessed holiday season.