Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Love Aches

Warning: Not Serendipitous. I'm just a little sad tonight.
  • When the one you are interested in is not of the same spiritual belief.
  • When the one you do love, is interested in another and she leads him on only to break his heart!
  • When the one you are seeing says one thing and then later says many things to the opposite.
  • When you can't seem to stand tall enough for him to notice you among all the other young ladies of his acquaintance.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picnic in the Park

We enjoyed a picnic at Sooner Park with my Grandmother, a good friend from church, and the the Pingles and Nistanes. We honored our Mothers with a picnic Luncheon. Gorgeous weather!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Find of the Week-end

Have you ever dumpster dove? My Mum and I are 'Dumpster Diving Divas', I made up our official title the year we moved to town in 2002 when we dumpster dove for boxes to use for packing and came up with other items we could use around our home.

Last evening as we were driving up our alley Mum hit the brakes and proclaimed that we must take a look at the bird bath our neighbors at the end of our street were throwing away. Just a small crack in the dish which can easily be remedied with sealer. We loaded it into our car and drove around to the front of our home and placed it in the flower bed. Looking quite nice in the sun's evening light. The Lord knows how to give good gifts.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

May happiness

What a great week we have enjoyed. Dr. Unruh's office was open Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday we drove to Independence, Kansas and saw patients in a satellite office. What an antiquated office decorated with panelling, browns, yellows, blues and avocados, straight from the seventies.

Mum and I worked on the little will soon be rented. The yard is looking trim. I mowed with the high setting and then lowered it so it would be nice and short. Sprayed all the weeds in the cracks and crevices all around the house and sidewalks...and Mr. Neighbor to the west, I also sprayed your sidewalk and street weeds (hope you don't mind).

Mum and I discovered much we had forgotten to unpack when we moved here nearly two years ago. A fish crystal serving dish, platters, Joel's special dishes among others. Our dining room is now covered with crystal, silver and stoneware until we are able to reorganize our cabinets.

Other happenings of the past weeks:
  • Letter from Gran'ma ( she writes me 1-2 times per week)
  • Unexpected letter from Lydia
  • Very unexpected letter from Lillibeth
  • Perused Gramzie's trunk of albums. A very fat one contains one half our Oregonian friends, the other Ronald Regan's. My grandmother felt that the Republican party was part of our family and deserved a special section.
  • Trip to Lendonwood garden and Har-Ber Village with our East Indian friends
  • More gardening with Betty Gram...the garden is looking LOVELY!
  • Orchestrated a special, All in All for the Youth Rally last night. It went well and the Lord really moved in the service. Our church was packed out. Chairs were lined up down the center aisle and in the back.
FYI - You may wonder why I have a Gran'ma, Gramzie and a Betty Gram. Gran'ma is my Grandmother in Texas. Gramzie is my Grandmother who passed away in 2003, and Betty Gram is one of my adopted Grandparents...I have many!