Friday, August 31, 2007

Thinking Alike

Becca home last week-end rummaged through my bottom dresser and decided she must have a skirt I'd purchased. "This looks so 1930's ish. May I please have it?" And so here she is wearing it Sunday morning...she looks quite elegant.

Bye the way she let me wear her favorite brown skirt...great minds think alike.

Sweet Dreams

After the house fire in 2005 and four moves. My bedroom furniture and room needed a bit of help. When we moved here, the walls in my bedroom were a lifeless chalky white.
Here are before and after pictures. I repositioned the bed and now the flow is much improved.

Earlier this year my sister and I painted our rooms. Becca decided on a light green properly named Hydrangea Floret, and I went with one of my favorite shades of peach. My Grandmother left me some pieces of furniture. Some I worked hard to purchase, such as my authentic Craftsmen desk which I helped a Lawyer friend with his Mother's estate sale, and acquired pieces of furniture in payment. One cottage picture I discovered by someone's trash heap. A print framed from England! Very favorite items in my room:

  • A small chest filled with my friends letters

  • Family Portraits, (especially my Grandparents pictures in their earlier days)

  • CD player and new comforter from my brother.

  • Stainglass lamp

The room isn't perfect, but it's definately my favorite place to be when home!

Look for the Silver Lining

I took this picture as Mum and I were driving downtown. It was an amazing site!

Look for the Silver Lining
(Song from the 1940's)

Look for the silver lining When e'er a cloud appears in the blue.
Remember some where the sun is shining, And so the right thing to do,
Is make it shine for you. A heart, full of joy and gladness, Will always banish sadness and strife. So always look for the silver lining, And try to find the sunny side of life.