Friday, August 31, 2007

Sweet Dreams

After the house fire in 2005 and four moves. My bedroom furniture and room needed a bit of help. When we moved here, the walls in my bedroom were a lifeless chalky white.
Here are before and after pictures. I repositioned the bed and now the flow is much improved.

Earlier this year my sister and I painted our rooms. Becca decided on a light green properly named Hydrangea Floret, and I went with one of my favorite shades of peach. My Grandmother left me some pieces of furniture. Some I worked hard to purchase, such as my authentic Craftsmen desk which I helped a Lawyer friend with his Mother's estate sale, and acquired pieces of furniture in payment. One cottage picture I discovered by someone's trash heap. A print framed from England! Very favorite items in my room:

  • A small chest filled with my friends letters

  • Family Portraits, (especially my Grandparents pictures in their earlier days)

  • CD player and new comforter from my brother.

  • Stainglass lamp

The room isn't perfect, but it's definately my favorite place to be when home!

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