Monday, September 3, 2007

Mama's Bank Account

Friday evening I searched Mum's bookshelf in the dining room and found eight books I'd like to read this fall. One book I chose was Mama's Bank Account and having seen the movie version as a child on OETA movie club with my siblings and Gramzie, I decided it was time to read it for myself. And so at 10:30pm I delved in and read half of it, and finished the other half this evening.

The format is more like a series of short stories rather than a lengthy novel. The story is of a Norwegian immigrant family of seven living in circa. 1910's San Fransisco and the hardships of everyday life, and how Mama's wise and frugal ways influence the family.

Would be a great book to read aloud.

Mama's Bank Account by Katheryn Forbes 1943

The Video is called, I Remember Mama (1948)
Irene Dunn plays Mama


Rebecca said...

Good for you! You would enjoy reading Mrs. Miniver, by Jan Struthers, I think. It's delightful! I started it over the summer, but it came due at the library before I'd finished it. (The movie is good too, but it's been years since I saw it.)

Do you mean "circa"?

Rebecca said...

Where did you find the picture?

Amy said...

Yes, I do mean circa. And boy I think I'll give Mrs. Miniver a go.

I found the picture among Yahoo's selection.

Rebecca said...

Anytime you use a picture to which you don't own the copyright, you need to include the credit in your post.