Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Time is valuable commodity. I have spent mine on:

  • National Technical Honor Society - almost completed

  • Writing Thank You Letters for Scholarships

  • Finishing Dental Instrument Indentification Assignment - Done!

  • Preparing Songs for Church Services

  • On Cello, Learning Camille Saint-Saens, "Le Cygne" and a robust Breval piece

  • Gathering, and making gifts for future Birthday and Christmas presents.

  • Crocheting Scarves. 2 1/2 down. 1 1/2 to go.

  • Planning and preparing our Secret Sisters/Pals revealing dinner at Church. An old fashioned one with quilting as the theme. Each table will have a quilt as the tablecloth and plastic covering to protect it. I designed a place mat which includes a quilting crossword puzzle, a quote and pictures. We will play a quilting game, hear a quilting poem and devotional. Thursday, February 6.

  • Inviting people to church.

and the list goes on.

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