Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recent Creations

What do you do when you find a section of cloth designed for making a stuffed chicken pillow? You can turn it into a nice muffin or tea cozy! This one found its home at my Aunt Carole's, who has recently fallen in love with range fed chickens!

My Gran'ma sent me a cheerful flower sack tea towel last February in the post. Since there were several stains in areas, I created this simple tea cozy for my future home. I added some gingham and lined it with a small blue floral print.

Also a small tea pot holder

Becca started this rug in 2001, abandoned it shortly after and then handed the baton to me.

This photo was taken shortly before the last color scheme was added, a cream and red plaid, blue plaid and solid red. All wool rug, with one fabric selection from an old cashmere coat.

It is finished after 130+ hours. It now graces the end of my bed. Aproximately 5 x 3.5 feet.

Reader's Digest-Back to Basics is an excellent book to consult.


Lillibeth said...

Hi Amy! I really like seeing your projects! I'm also blessed to see them up close...I use my tea cozy all the time:)

Amy said...

Pleased to hear from you and that you enjoy the pics. How lovely it would be to live next door, but at the present time we must be content with the romance of correspondance.