Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Belated Homemaking Article

In 2004 interviewed Mrs. Lydia S. and her family in Oregon and had planned to publish a small article in my wee magazine, "Ladybug Home Companion". Since then, the article has been asleep in our computer and I just discovered it just yesterday in a file.
Thanks Lydia for great ideas!

As we are drinking tea in Lydia Sherman's dining room this March she begins to share these wonderful tips for decorating one's own home. I want to pass them along to you in hopes they will inspire you in the same way. Enjoy!

Eight Elements of a Beautiful Home:

Drama- Something black, or definite such as wrought iron

Sparkle- Metal candle holders, or a gold frame

Soft- fabric

Wood- End tables and doilies to soften the wood

Lighting-Lamps indirect lighting (creates soft light rather than a glare on guests)

Meaning - objects and pictures with meaning

Mirrors- for reflection and they also make the room appear larger

Books- books in a home add warmth also suggests varied interests

Quotes from Mrs. Sherman:
On the Home
"Your home is your virtual museum of the family. You can tell the interests, and history of the inhabitants by the furnishings. "

On Clutter
"If you have too much you don't have anything. You can have little shelves and candles sconces on the walls and if your home is cluttered, people's eyes are drawn upward away from the mess."

Antiques and Delicate Things
"If you were given candles and delicate things when you were first married and you have little children, just put them up on shelves."

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