Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oregon Impressions Quilt

Lillibeth, do you remember when we were walking the beach north of the jetty and I said, "I'm going to make a quilt with the colors of the waves. I want to capture the essence of the inside of those waves."...? Well here is the finished project. I completed it in 2003. It took aproximately a month to quilt and that was working every day eight plus hours.


Rebecca said...

And it is truly lovely, Miss A. How nice to feel so near the ocean when one snuggles in for a night's rest. I'm happy to see you're able to upload photos at last!

Lillibeth said...

It is very much the colors of the Pacific in Oregon! You have captured it very nicely. Why didn't I get to see this before?

Amy said...

I have procrastinated taking a picture, because I thought I must have a nice art quality photo to show you...and then I decided I'd never get around to it...and it was high time you saw the finished product. I think I did send you little squares of the give you an idea.
Thank you my dear and thanks to you for helping us to understand our new lap top.

Elizabeth said...

That really does capture the colors in an ocean wave. Very lovely!