Monday, April 28, 2008

What have I been up to?

Among gardening, yard and house cleaning and interning I have been enjoying several interesting days.

  • Enjoyed crepes!
  • Garage saling...delicate green April Cornell dress, a red flower long sleeve shirt for everyday, and a chicken print fabric to make a pillow (instead I will make a cozy that can be used for teatime or for keeping biscuits warm at breakfast).
  • Antiquing in Dewey... resisted every urge to purchase the spinet desk, jadite tea box, and and retro kitchen accessories (in fact quite easy to do with a non existent budget).
  • As we antiqued Mum and I discovered a brand new shop on Don Tyler in Dewey that sells fudge and fabric. I say, an idea for ladies!
  • Rachel H. treated me to savory crepes at Le Creperie downtown. And what a lovely evening viewing cottages and old buildings. I do love what the businessman are doing downtown.
  • Sunday School, and Church
  • Thin pizza for lunch from little Haley C's mini-softball fund-raiser
  • Mum purchased flowers for the backyard and we made out a rough master plan for our gardens
  • Worked on resume for future job
  • Cello
  • A buffet stored in the garage moved into our dining room under the Victorian mirror. A place of it's own at last.
  • Prayer, Church...and home
  • Interning (Monday through Wednesday this week)
  • Cello lesson..what nice Rasberry tea and brownie Mrs. Martin
  • Visit with Betty-Gram. Dominoe's pizza and Paul Pott's CD (Winner of Britain's Got Talent)
  • Prayer
  • Piano practice
  • Chat with Mum before work
  • Blog
  • ...bed at last!

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