Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fly Fishing Fever

An interest in fly fishing began when, despite the fact that we lived on land with several small ponds, a lake, the Verdigris River a half a mile away and I fished and fished ---I have caught even one.

Upon visiting the Sherman family in 2004, I expressed an interest to Stevie who is an avid fisherman and he demonstrate the highly skillful art on the Willamette River. We didn't catch a thing...but my interest was peaked.

Recently, I happened upon a session of the Green Country Fly Fishers. They welcomed me to their group night. All older men sporting baseball caps were talking of the next fishing outing. They set up their fly tying equipment on the small tables in the community room, opened large green wooden boxes full of paraphernalia and began to tie!

They were making white flies that shimmer and dance or yellow bugs that float. One gentleman was making the tiniest fly that I have seen. One used for trout, hopefully trout. You might buy a fly in a store for $2.50 and see this one - it only cost $0.30 or so. You can really save money by creating your own. We get a great kick out of sharing stories and spending time on tie night.

You should find an inexpensive fly rod and join our group. There are ladies in the group. Our best fisher is a Lady Lawyer from Tulsa who can out fish us. Come join us any time, they urge me.

I am missing out on such a pleasant past time, maybe I should.

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