Friday, September 19, 2008

Remembering: Young Entrepreneur Days

Here you see me as a soon to graduate high school student and quilting entrepreneur. I enjoyed coming up with many collections based on certain color schemes. Some items are traditional patchwork designs while others are ones I created. There are only a handful pictures around the house, though I created dozens and dozens of unique items. Someday I will post quilt pictures for you to see. Have a blessed day and don't forget to have fun and be creative. Sewing can be stress go for it!

Seminole Dresser Mat

Seminole Potholder

Shoe-Fly Pillow, Trip-Around-the World Pillow (with a block out of place) and a Postage Stamp Table Mat

Pigs in a Pin - I designed to utilize scraps from my Sister's dressmaking business.

Quilted Baby Nine Patch Dresser Mats

Quilted Lawn Four Patch Pot Holder (My favorite)


Lillibeth said...

Dear Amy,
The quilted lawn four patch is my favorite too!

Amy said...

Hi Lillibeth,
Ahh...were you the recipient of it?
I've given so many things to friends and family, I can't remember.

Meo said...

A friend shares the same passion. She says the same about sewing as stress relieving, especially that she has a very pressing position in a manufacturing company.

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