Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Day with Betty Gram

Across town, I dash in my silver station wagon to help Betty Gram with some much needed grocery shopping. Let's run away she proclaims, let's go shopping in Collinsville. But, no perhaps we shouldn't. What about taking a spontaneous trip to the very near town with an antique shop hub on main street? Yes, lets.
We spend four hours perusing three antique shops, and having lunch in the car. At our favorite shop, which is like stepping back in time, we spend well over an hour. Betty Gram had a small estate sale some months back. She should not be buying anything! I know you are going to squeal Amy, when you see what I am going to ask you to move up to the front counter, and yes, I am going to buy that folk horse on rockers. Betty Gram! Despite it's broken wheel, she buys it, among other things.
I am lingering at a booth display with many green glassware items and kitchen items. A green lettered breadbox captures my attention. I don't think I have seen one quite that old. Then I must save...and so...
This favorite shop of ours boasts an old fashioned soda fountain, and Betty Gram and I, each enjoy rich chocolate sodas. First one ever and it's yummy! As we drift out the doorway, I holding Betty Gram's shopping bags, I turn to behold my violin teacher of some years ago, standing just inside the doorway. Mrs. Wallace! Quick, I think....who is older...Mrs. Wallace....Betty Gram...Mrs. Wallace...oh yes, then I introduce, Mrs. W. to Betty Gram. As we are driving away, I am nearly rolling with laughter, when I tell her of my sudden predicament inside, as to the oldest, she laughs heartily, Amy, I am always the oldest in every situation!
P.S. If you have the money, you may buy a bread box like this one from E-bay...and someday it will be an antique...for the penny pincher's of the world, we must maintain the hope of finding one at the GW Boutique (for those unacquainted with GW, that's the illustrious, Goodwill).

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