Thursday, October 30, 2008

History Essay Excerpt

"Though Betty remembers that the days were difficult, she also recalls enjoying several kinds of entertainment. Phillips Petroleum held big dance bands which were highlights during the war. Also a group of eight to twelve mothers formed a sewing club and met once a week. They met at each other's homes and served coffee and donuts. The ladies brought their handwork, which was usually mending. The hostess might call the other ladies and tell them not to bring any handwork, that she had the entertainment for the evening. Which usually turned out to be a stack of her family's much needed mending. They all counted the mending as "great fun". There were also "Mother Clubs", which were a group of women who got together to share information on an aspect of child development. Each night a different topic would be presented and discussed. These outings were great moral boosters for families, especially women".

Excerpt from "1940's Housewife Interview" essay due in my History since 1877 class (taught by a feminist...none the less).

Photo from from The Magic of Ordinary Days

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